How does it work?

Simply use the Wands to point out to areas of the vehicle that need work and snap your photos. It’s that simple. The short descriptions and color-coding means that insurance companies, technicians, and other organizations know exactly what to look out for.

Does Crash Point Systems require training to use it?

Hardly. Using the tool requires little training or educational steps to learn to use it. You’ll get so adapted to it, that t will become second nature!

I already have other estimating tools. How is this different from them?

Crash Point System is far more versatile than any other tool on the market. Unlike other tools, it can work on any surface. It also doesn’t require the need to restock materials on a monthy basis. Saving you a lot of time and money Check out this comparision to learn more.

Do I need a special program or electronic device to use Crash Point Systems?

Not at all. The beauty of Crash Point Systems is that you can use with it any electronic setup you have: Smartphone, Digital Camera, Tablet, or even your Laptop!

Is Crash Point Systems expensive to use?

It costs roughly the same as any other estimating tool out there, but because there’s nothing to refill, recalibrate, reorder on the device, you’ll experience a far greater value over time.