Our tools…

Crash Point System is made of highly durable polymers, making it lightweight so it can be operated single handedly with little fatigue to the user. The polymers are also impact resistant so it won’t break, chip, or shatter when dropped more than once. The materials used to make the wand make it versatile for indoor and outdoor climates – you can even use Crash Point Systems in the rain.

The color coding and simple terms used on the wands make keeping organized a breeze. Crash Point Systems will automatically keep track of records. Most of the guesswork in taking appraisal pictures are now gone as each photo can be easily identified properly.

No matter what the material or job Crash Point Systems can be easily adapted for it. Even if there’s a language barrier, it can be readily used even if English isn’t a worker’s native language. Building contractors and real estate agents may find Crash Point Systems even useful in their development process as well.

Their tools…

Using special tools are essential for proper vehicle appraisal and estimating, but not all are created equal.

  • Markers
    • Ink runs out.
    • Messy
    • Requires prep work before use.
    • Needs constant reordering.
  • Magnets
    • Warp and peel.
    • Lose magnetism over time.
    • Can’t use on all surfaces of a vehicle.
    • Some models are awkward and clumsy to use.
  • Stickers
    • Not very portable
    • Not reuseable.
    • Messy – requires applying all over vehicle.
    • Repurchasing stickers means lesser long term value.
    • Complicated.

Nearly all of them quire the need to be restocked or refilled in short periods of time. Others require the vehicle to be specially prepared and cleaned before use. While some can only work on very specific parts of the vehicle. These problems often make this process a rather tedious time and money-consuming, affair.